Grout Color Sealing & Restoration

When tile is installed, rarely is the grout sealed by the installer. This allows dirty mop water, spills, soil and bacteria to soak into the grout leaving the tile with dirty, discolored grout lines. Color Sealing will make the grout lines uniform, stain free and perfect, but also prevent future discoloration, stains and bacteria from entering the grout. Blue Ribbon Color Sealing process gives you an unlimited variety of colors to choose from!

Benefits of the Color Seal Restoration Process:

  • Makes grout non-porous/stain proof
  • Match any grout manufacturers color chart
  • Existing grout color can be matched or changed
  • Leaves grout looking natural, not painted
  • Makes grout sanitary by preventing mildew growth
  • Restores aged floors to new condition

We can restore the original color or custom color match the grout to the tile and decor of the home. Simply changing the color of the grout can often transform the look of the entire floor. Once our proprietary color sealer is applied, NOTHING can penetrate and stain the grout lines again!



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